It doesn’t matter if you shipped it home from a street market in Marrakesh, inherited it from your beloved grandmother who wove it herself, or just eyed it on a department store shelf and had to take it home. Every rug tells a story about the people who made it, own it and live with it every day. Different patterns, textures, shapes, sizes and colors complement the furniture and floors throughout a home while expressing the individual personalities and tastes of each rug’s design-savvy curator.

Whether its value is sentimental or monetary, when you truly treasure a rug, you turn it into the focal point of your favorite room. Over time, everything from sunlight to wine can distract from a rug’s original appeal, but it’s almost never impossible to return it to its former glory. Regular maintenance and firm house rules, such as never walking on a rug with shoes or drinking near it, can go a long way in extending the life of an area rug or carpet. Professional rug cleaning services are also a good option for people with valuable rugs or sensitivities to allergens and germs.

Health and Hygiene

If you don’t already, it’s important to vacuum up surface crumbs and dust on a regular basis. Most rug owners do this when they’re expecting guests or performing a seasonal house cleaning. A vacuum cleaner can take care of loose dirt, sand, hair, fur and other debris that gets shed, dropped and stirred up throughout each day.

However, the higher the quality, the better a rug is at trapping dirt and dust particles deep within it. Rugs’ tightly woven fibers can hang onto allergens, germs, and even rotting food particles, creating an unseen health hazard that’s especially harmful for young and elderly guests. Professional rug cleaning services also offer more thorough treatments that loosen the particles trapped between these fibers.

Up to two pounds of dirt can accumulate in the average area rug. Even if you can’t see anything but a freshly vacuumed, colorful area rug, there’s a good chance that there’s more embedded deeply within the rug. Everything from pet dander and pollen to tracked-in waste might be lurking beneath the surface, so if you have pets or children who walk on the rug every day, it’s especially important to make sure nothing harmful is trapped inside it.

Stains & Softness

However, liquid spills are more immediate menaces that can discolor and even ruin your rug. The wrong treatment can fade your rug’s eye-catching colors at best, or permanently set the stain at worst, so unless you’re a rug cleaning professional, it’s extremely important to seek dry cleaning or other expert rug cleaning services. If you can identify the source of the damage, they can concoct a precise solution that lifts it away before it has a chance to ruin your home’s centerpiece.

The most practical purpose for rugs is to replace unforgiving wood with something soft and plush beneath your feet. Certain rugs, such as shag, wool and faux fur, lose their fluff over time as they’re pressed down. Other rugs are more like carpets, with a range of pile counts and textures that each need their own specific rug cleaning treatment. Professional cleanings, like Prestige Cleaning Center’s area rug cleaning services, refresh that plush feeling and return the rug to its supremely comfortable original state.

Don’t let dirt and dust detract from the vivid designs and patterns you so painstakingly selected. Treat your feet to the comfort of soft, plush fibers while your eyes enjoy brighter colors and your lungs don’t have to worry about allergens.

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