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How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

Your clothes go into a large, mechanically sophisticated, machine that uses a dry cleaning solvent instead of water. Your clothes will not shrink or become washed out in the dry cleaning process. […]

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?2018-06-19T11:56:57-06:00

Go Green; Revolutionize your Wardrobe!

Our business takes pride in our environmentally friendly products and services. Our successful approach eliminates the growing depletion of Earth’s precious resources and does not emit harmful substances into the environment. […]

Go Green; Revolutionize your Wardrobe!2018-06-19T11:56:57-06:00

Is Dry Cleaning Really Dry?

Yes, your clothes go into our dry cleaning machine dry and they also come out dry. Instead of using water a dry cleaning solvent is used. We use a GreenEarth liquid silicone solvent that is lighter than water and completely environmentally friendly. […]

Is Dry Cleaning Really Dry?2018-06-19T11:56:58-06:00

The Importance of Using Rug Cleaning Professionals

It doesn’t matter if you shipped it home from a street market in Marrakesh, inherited it from your beloved grandmother who wove it herself, or just eyed it on a department store shelf and had to take it home. Every rug tells a story about the people who made it, own it and live with it every day. […]

The Importance of Using Rug Cleaning Professionals2018-06-19T11:56:58-06:00

Protect Your Wedding Dress From Four Nasty Foes

It’s been sitting in a box in your closet or garage for years now. In the back of your mind, you know you’re mistreating it, or at best, hurting it through benign neglect. What do you do with a wedding dress when you can’t bear to let go of it? […]

Protect Your Wedding Dress From Four Nasty Foes2018-06-19T11:56:58-06:00